Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins in the Market Today

In the world of Minecraft, the concept of skins can be a little weird. Today, Pro Skins Marketplace will be taking a look at the top 3 weirdest Minecraft skins players can buy. Minecraft was a relatively casual game before its popularity exploded.

Touted as the lovechild of Lego and Elder Scrolls, Minecraft captivated everyone from young kids to adults the world over. It was supposed to be a calming game which combined the elements of building, crafting, and even adventure. In a way, it was highly successful. It was not long until people started to come up with their own modifications and skins.

Here are the top three weirdest ones that went up in the market:

Mob Skins

In the world of Minecraft, the Mob or enemy is a rather characteristic green cube looking thing. When you see it, you are better off running away. If you have the proper weapons, you can try to fight it in order to stay alive.

Players that bought the Mob Skins were players that looked like the resident monster in the field. While the idea might seem innocent enough, in the world of multiplayer, player killing is extremely frowned upon. It is even a bannable offense.

So when players who are not that familiar with the idea of skins end up freaking out when faced with another player that looks exactly like the enemy. They can end up accidentally killing other players and end up with sanctions.

minecraft - Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins in the Market Today

YouTuber “Skins”

A popular option with the younger set of players, this is a ‘skin’ that can also be rather disruptive. There are a lot of YouTube personalities that play the game for their viewers. There are those out there that thing it is a good idea to impersonate these famous people by using the exact same skins and even trying to get their game handle as close to the YouTuber as possible.

This strikes us as weird because when you are playing a game wherein you can create a whole new world for yourself, it’s kind of odd that you would choose to emulate someone else. it would be better to try to find something that appeals to you instead of trying to fake someone else’s character.

The Hoodie Skin

Everyone has their favorite hoodie. This piece of clothing is comfortable and is something that is found in most closets. So it was only a matter of time before it started showing up as a skin option for players. We find it weird because when you are in a game that takes you to a different world, why would you want to bring something from your closet?

Why Are They ‘Weird’?

If you play the game of Minecraft, it is literally just a bunch of blocks which you “mine” or move around in order to craft things. The idea of the skins above is not only outright weird but often disruptive. Skins are supposed to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the game—not just a selected few.

Take a gander at the three skins we listed above. Do you agree with our list? What Minecraft skins would you say are weird and borderline annoying?