Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Like a majority of online games out there, there are items that are only obtainable through real world currency. However, what if you do not want to drop real world money on a game? In the world of skins and games, value is purely subjective. What can seem a must have for you can be entirely useless to someone else.

So when you think you want to obtain skins for the game you are playing but refuse to spend real world currency for it, it is important to keep these few tips in mind:

Set Your Expectations Low

For some games, the sort of skins that you get from drops or from crates purchased with in-game resources are never as good enough as the premium skins. This is the general truth of games that you must come to terms with.

Ingame Skins 2 -Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Remember, in order for the game that you play to keep on being available, they do need to come up with revenue. Selling premium items or skins for real world currency is often the fastest way for a game to earn. It is still entirely possible for you to earn skins in the game you’re playing without having to pay money but you need to be realistic.

Choose Your Game Wisely

Not all games and gaming companies are the same. While there are the companies like Riot that primarily make use of real world currency in exchange for Riot Points, there are companies like Blizzard that are truly player friendly.

There are games like Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm wherein skins are earned through playing. While there are still some premium skins, around 80% of the skins roster can be obtained through opening crates that you get by leveling up.

Be Prepared to Trade

In the Steam Marketplace, there are those that play Counter Strike: Global Offense that put their things up for trade. This is actually one of the things about CS that you will have a love and hate relationship with.

You have the option to purchase and open crates and have the chance to contain a good skin. For some, however, this might as well be a whirlpool to throw your money in. As you play the game, you will come across items that are unusual or even high in trade value. In order to discern if it is indeed something that you can trade, keep an eye on forums or sites like ours to get a handle on the current state of trade.

Ingame Skins 3 -Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Money can be earned from trades. Certain skins can be earned from trades. As long as you are wise, patient, and savvy, you can get your hands on certain skins eventually.

Skin versus Scam

Be wary! There will be those that will offer you exchanges that are too good to be true. It is important to you arm yourself with the necessary knowhow about the game you are playing. Check to see if trades are legal. Check to see if the person messaging you is legitimate. A little bit of care can go a long way!