Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

Game skins are often dismissed as frivolous add-ons to games. Today, Pro Skins Marketplace will be taking a look at the supposed ‘true effects’ of game skins. By ‘true effect’ we mean to refer to the input provided to us by our own pool of gamers/writers and some readers that have been in touch.

Many argue about the true value of a skin as most of it is only cosmetic in nature. Today’s discussion will be taking a different angle to a rather interesting concept. Without further delay, here are some of the ‘true effects’ of professional gaming skins:

Bonding and Ownership

Every person who has ever played a game for a long period of time develops a sort of attachment. This is particularly true with fighting games. The Tekken series has made it a regular part of their game to allow players to customize their chosen fighters. This helps to further the ownership of a player over their favorite character.

When there is a certain amount of comfort or bonding reached, performance is said to be better. More players report that it truly feels like they are the ones in the game, achieving the marvelous feats. The “disconnect” between ‘player’ and ‘character’ is muddled for the better. When you are able to feel connected to the character you are using in a game, the more likely you will continue to support the game and its developer.

Palette Swap 2 - Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

Skin Equals Skill

In some games, skins are not bartered with in-game gold or real world currency. Instead, these are earned. The gaming giant Blizzard has changed the way players can get their hands on skins in Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

The former practice was to either purchase it outright or to accumulate in-game resources for it. Now, the more players are online and play the game, the higher their chances of earning skins. Skins are just a few of the things that a player can earn when they level up in the game.

The more skins you have, the more skillful you appear.

Revenue for the Game

When you love a game, you will want it to keep existing, right? Other than purchasing the game at the start, micro transactions are how game companies make money. When game companies build their funds, the better the game gets.

For example, games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone had unique heroes for purchase. As the venture was quite successful, this kept the game going. Now, it is one of the most popular games for streamers. It has also managed to attain an annual tournament.

Palette Swap 2 - Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

What Effects Do You Experience?

Everyone has their own standard when it comes to gaming and the concept of skins. While there are those that argue that it truly does not affect the game or the performance, this is entirely subjective. What effects have you experienced with your professional skin, dear reader?

Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear other opinions regarding the true effects of professional skins.