Major Game Bling: the Most Expensive Skins Ever Sold in CS: GO!

Since the launch of Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS: GO) the world of skins took a drastic turn. Today, we will be looking at some of the most expensive skins ever sold for this game. It is no secret that skins can and will cost you some serious bank.

As the value is often subjective, what has an exorbitant price tag can actually be seen as a steal to the right person. In today’s discussion there are several ‘right persons’ that have managed to help change the sphere of gaming skins as a whole. Here are some of the most expensive skins ever sold in CS: GO!

Karambit Style: Crimson Web Variant

In the Steam community market, there are many variations of the Karambit available. However, it was the Crimson Web variation that rocked the market. When the Crimson Web hit the market, it sold for $2000.

As of right now, the Crimson Web variation is still available for purchase but no longer at the price it became famous for. The most expensive Karambit style skin as of writing this is the Karambit Black Laminate with goes for about $1620. This is still expensive but nowhere as stunning as the Crimson Web variant and the item that comes next.

StatTrak M9 Bayonet

This was a knife that outshone the others for reasons only a collector would really know. When it hit the market, it was once picked up by a rather lucky player. That player only paid close to $400 for it. However, when the story broke and people started seeing photos of the skin, the community practically exploded in excitement.

There were people trying to offer their brand new luxury cars for this knife. In the end, what had won the bidding was an anonymous collector that had bought the knife skin for nearly $24,000.  This is by far the largest purchase price for a Counter Strike: GO skin. While it shocks others as to why there are people who were willing to basically “throw away” several thousands of dollars on a virtual knife, this phenomena is nothing new.

csgo - Major Game Bling: the Most Expensive Skins Ever Sold in CS: GO!

Cost versus Value

If you look past the fact that the purchases are for virtual items that don’t exactly affect the performance of the player, this is something that people have already done before. In the advent of basketball cards and baseball cards, people have offered up ridiculous amounts of money for the chance to add a certain character or player into their personal collection.

For the players of CS: GO, this is not so different. When you love a game, the value of a thing can be appraised with new pairs of eyes. An in-game purchase of a highly expensive item can be seen as completely ridiculous for those who are looking in from the outside.

However, if you view the purchase from the point of view of a gamer and a collector the value you end up obtaining vastly outweighs the cost. The value of a thing is entirely up to the beholder.