They Make HOW Much? The Lucrative Career Game Skins Made

If there are skins in the world, it only follows that there are those that make them! Today, we will be taking a look at the lucrative career that gaming skins has created. In games like Counter Strike, more and more of its players are tapping into gaming skins to set them apart from other players.

There is value held in establishing distinction from everyone else. In the world of economics, if there is a need, there will be a market that will form in order to address that need. See a need fill a need—so to speak. Game developers are also gamers themselves and understand this need.

The Rise of the Skins and the Developers

With the market for in-game customizations rising, it was only natural that game developers tried to boost their pre-existing roster of skins. However, the issue was that most game designers were not really prepared or aware of what skins were for and what they contributed to the game.

As such, there were players out there that tried their hand at developing their own skins. Those players went on to share their skins with other players. Naturally, this caused bugs in the system which often messed up the gaming experience. This event made game development companies tackle this issue in two ways:

Ban the modification

As there was significant issue rising from unregistered skins that were yielded from unsecured sources, it was prudent for some games and gaming companies to outright ban modified skins. There were also some concern regarding the security of the game and the accounts of the players. There were instances of hacks being achieved due to embedded coding in the modified skin.

Security breaches can often spell the end for a game and a company. Only huge gaming companies survive breaches to their security and even then they experienced a massive dip in revenue.

Embrace the developers

There were some gaming companies that took a different approach to the massive influx of player-made skins in the market. Instead of banning them, they embraced the developers into their fold. Games like Counter Strike realized that in order to quell the tide, it would be smarter to establish set rules for developers.

Community-made skins were permissible only if the passed the strict regulations that the game developers presented. In doing so, this allowed a new breed of skin developers to gain a foothold in the gaming world. These were the developers that would create truly unique and crafty skins that added to the entire gaming experience. What was even better was that the tradeoff as HUGE.

How much do sanctioned skin developers earn?

In 2012, if you made a gun skin for Counter Strike and people liked it (aka paid the fee to apply your skin) you would be paid $40,000 for your troubles. In the year 2017, they are more mum about what the developers earn but it has been estimated at around six figures.

Not bad for doing something that you love, right?