Let’s Talk LoL: What Are the Different Sort of Skins Available?

As one of the more popular online games, League of Legends knows how to keep things interesting. Today, join us as we take a closer look at the different kinds of skins that players can obtain.

League of Legends Skins 101

Before we dive into the discussion about the different types of skins available, it is important that we establish what LoL (League of Legends) skins are! For anyone who is not familiar with the game, it is an area fight wherein two teams fight each other until one team manages to destroy the enemy’s base core.

Various champions can be selected in order to represent the player. These champions have their own styles and abilities. The way that they look can be changed. The way that they look is referred to as a ‘skin’.

Much like other game skins, a champion skin is pretty much an alternate appearance for the hero or champion that you can select in order to play the game. Varying color schemes or full outward appearance of your champion can change when you select a skin. Skins can be purchased by players through Riot Points (RP) which is obtained through real world currency purchase.

Legacy Skins

If you wanted to truly stand out as a player, there are legacy skins. What is interesting about legacy skins is the fact that they are quite rare. They are not usually available for individual purchase. Instead, they are usually part of bundle packs that are a bit more costly on the RP side. What is great about legacy skins is that they are only available for a certain amount of time before they are phased out.

Skins are locked to a particular account and cannot be traded.

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Traditional Skins

These are a sort of throwback to the original incarnation of the game. Much like any game, LoL has been through several reworks and improvements. There have been several champions that have been reworked and no longer have their original looks.

Traditional skins allow players to recapture the original forms of the champions as they were initially launched and introduced to the market. What is interesting about traditional skins is that when these were released, not everyone received them. The distinction was that players who had owned the champions before they were reworked had the opportunity to obtain traditional skins.

Holiday Skins

This is something that you can count upon every year. As the seasons change, holidays roll around just like clockwork. Usually in the world of Runterra (the world in the game) will have holidays and the champions may (or may not) feel like dressing up for the different events.

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Riot Skins

These are skins that are built around the theme of the mother company: Riot. These are obtained normally through joining online Riot events or even physical events.

The eSports and World Finals Skins

These are the skins that are released to commemorate the epic fights that professional teams showcase during the annual and seasonal tournaments in different parts of the globe.