What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

The whole idea behind gaming skins is quite simple however there are still others that are not quite familiar with its purpose. Today, we will be discussing what gaming skins are and what purpose they serve.

What is a ‘Skin’?

The first concept of skin was introduced to the world with the early mp3 players on computers. The skin refers to the display or look of the outward appearance of the program. If you have ever used Winamp as a media player, you would be very familiar with the whole concept of a skin.

For the mp3 player, the skin is purely cosmetic in nature. It is all about establishing your presence upon a program that you use. In terms of gaming, the early forms of skin were only about being able to change the color palette of the character that you are using—like changing the hair color. These were rather simple and not as comprehensive.

Gaming Skins 2 - What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

While in some games like RPGs (role playing games), there would be armor that the characters could put on to affect the outward appearance, this is not a skin. Armor falls under equipment. Skins were synonymous with the idea of changing the color of your character.

Later on, this changed drastically.

Modern Skins

As graphics and games started to improve in leaps and bounds, the freedom in which players could establish their characters grew exponentially. For example, in MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like League of Legends, skins took on an entirely different meaning.

While there were instances where the color of the entire character was different, skins can now completely change what the character looks like. For example, in Heroes of the Storm the character of Zagara should usually only look like the bug-type alien that she actually is. However, in one of her alternate skins, she looks like a human with a body of a giant scorpion.

Skins have greatly evolved from just switching out a few color options.

Gaming Skins 3 - What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

Beyond Cosmetic

In certain games like League of Legends, certain skins or professional grade skins do more than just alter the appearance of the character. They also change what they say or how they do certain actions. These types of skins often cost more as there is significantly more programming needed to run the skin.

A professional skin helps to set a player apart from all the rest. Not all professional skins can be bought. Some of them need to be earned. This not only sets you apart in appearance but the massive representation that you are good enough to earn a particular skin is something that some gamers really value. More than just for cosmetic value, skins help to establish the personality of the player! More and more professional players are customizing their characters to truly carve out a piece of their representation in this big world of gaming.

Would You Buy One?

Skins are increasingly becoming more complex and eye-catching. There are some that are worth real world money while others can be earned from in-game gold. Regardless of how you obtain a skin, they can really help establish your identity as a player and add to the overall experience of the game.