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Blizzard’s Smart Way of Changing the Value of Skins for Players

Blog8 - Blizzard’s Smart Way of Changing the Value of Skins for Players

Blizzard is a company that has a special place in our hearts. Today, we will be taking a look at the revolutionary way they shifted the value of their skins on their MOBAs. For those who are not very familiar with the idea, a MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena.

Right now, Blizzard has two: Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. For many of us who do play both games, the shift is a truly welcome one. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at how things were like before.

Old Rules

Much like other MOBA games in the market, the skins of the heroes in both games came with a “pay to obtain” method. While there were in-game resources that players earned as they leveled up different heroes, if you simply did not have the time or inclination to play, you could exchange real world money for the in-game amount that you needed.

bliz - Blizzard’s Smart Way of Changing the Value of Skins for Players

This made sure that those with the capital to obtain skins would always be the first ones to get them. While there was nothing inherently bad about that, it did not exactly encourage people to keep playing the game. This was something that Blizzard sought to change.

Radical Shifts

While the system was already pretty good in terms of MOBA skin value, Blizzard decided to up their game (as they are known to do). Instead of simply letting the players use real world currency to jumpstart their in-game resources, Blizzard put in an earning system.

The more you play the game, the higher your character levels get. Each time you level up, you will be getting a box with random things inside. What you get can vary from a spray paint, an audio clip, a banner, and even the skins.

This meant that players now have a very good reason to keep playing the game. Instead of having to worry about coming up with real world currency to obtain a skin, you have the chance to earn it simply by playing a game that you already love.

bliz2 - Blizzard’s Smart Way of Changing the Value of Skins for Players

The Aftermath

The sheer number of client/player engagement shot up by a lot. Both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm were already quite popular. The radical shift in the value of the skin put an even better way to get their pre-existing pool of players to tender in more time. It was also quite successful in drawing in new players and those that had played before but had stopped.

Of course, there is still the option for using real world currency to purchase skins. However, only a select number of skins are available for purchase. The rest is to be earned.

If you ask us, this is a really successful strategy in several fronts. Not only does Blizzard bring their games to the forefront of MOBAs by being more player-friendly when it comes to skins but they also give their audiences a really good reason to keep playing.

What did you guys think of Blizzard’s strategy for their MOBA skins?

League of Legends 2017 Worlds Wrapped Up: World Skins Lookout

Blog7 - League of Legends 2017 Worlds Wrapped Up: World Skins Lookout

Last month, the world watched as a new champion team was declared at the 2017 League of Legends Worlds Championship. Today, we will be looking at the potential Worlds skins that players will be able to grab.

Major Upset

When the 2017 Worlds Championship was launched in Beijing last month, everyone was pretty much expecting SKT to sweep everyone away and earn another championship. After all, why wouldn’t they? They have been the back to back champions for several years now. This was something that no other team could lay claim upon.

In a startling turn of events the favorite team, SKT, did not walk away with the 2017 Worlds trophy. Instead, they suffered an excruciating 0-3 loss to Samsung Galaxy. The Summoner’s Cup and the bragging rights on taking down the Unkillable Demon King Faker will forever go down in gaming history.

Samsung Galaxy

When Samsung Galaxy did lift that trophy and the shock has somewhat ebbed, everyone was already placing bets on which champions they would pick for the other thing players look forward to after a tournament: the skins.

It has been a tradition of Riot and League of Legends to roll out World Championship skins for specific characters that were chosen by the winning team. Everyone wanted to know what Samsung Galaxy was going to pick. While there are those that simply buy the skins no matter who the selected champions are, there are those that are more discerning on which one they buy and why.

In an interview by PentaQ eSports, it seems that several of the members of Team Samsung Galaxy have already made up their mind on which champions they would choose. This is the point where the ladies and gentlemen of LoL would start taking notes and seeing if they had enough Riot Points to purchase the skins.

While we were excited to find out who chose who, it came to our attention that Ambition had yet to announce his choice. So today, we will be sharing 4/5 of the champion choices of the reigning Worlds champions of LoL.

skin - League of Legends 2017 Worlds Wrapped Up: World Skins Lookout

CoreJJ chose Rakan

This choice is not very surprising given the fact that this was a consistent choice for CoreJJ during the Worlds.

CuVee chose Gnar

Gnar was actually part of the team during the Finals in the Worlds. It would be interesting to see what sort of champion look Gnar will be getting.

Ruler chose Xayah

Xayah was also a champion that was part of the Finals fight against SKT. Ruler made good use of this champion in pushing lanes and stealing valuable gold from mobs.

Crown chose Taliyah

What is interesting about this choice is that Taliyah was not part of the Worlds fight at all. We suspect that Crown will be choosing this champion out of sheer favoritism. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! If we could pick champions that would get special skins, we would be choosing our personal favorites as well.

While the world waits on Ambition to announce his chosen champion, many of us on the team are looking forward to seeing how Gnar will be represented!

Major Game Bling: the Most Expensive Skins Ever Sold in CS: GO!

Blog6 - Major Game Bling: the Most Expensive Skins Ever Sold in CS: GO!

Since the launch of Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS: GO) the world of skins took a drastic turn. Today, we will be looking at some of the most expensive skins ever sold for this game. It is no secret that skins can and will cost you some serious bank.

As the value is often subjective, what has an exorbitant price tag can actually be seen as a steal to the right person. In today’s discussion there are several ‘right persons’ that have managed to help change the sphere of gaming skins as a whole. Here are some of the most expensive skins ever sold in CS: GO!

Karambit Style: Crimson Web Variant

In the Steam community market, there are many variations of the Karambit available. However, it was the Crimson Web variation that rocked the market. When the Crimson Web hit the market, it sold for $2000.

As of right now, the Crimson Web variation is still available for purchase but no longer at the price it became famous for. The most expensive Karambit style skin as of writing this is the Karambit Black Laminate with goes for about $1620. This is still expensive but nowhere as stunning as the Crimson Web variant and the item that comes next.

StatTrak M9 Bayonet

This was a knife that outshone the others for reasons only a collector would really know. When it hit the market, it was once picked up by a rather lucky player. That player only paid close to $400 for it. However, when the story broke and people started seeing photos of the skin, the community practically exploded in excitement.

There were people trying to offer their brand new luxury cars for this knife. In the end, what had won the bidding was an anonymous collector that had bought the knife skin for nearly $24,000.  This is by far the largest purchase price for a Counter Strike: GO skin. While it shocks others as to why there are people who were willing to basically “throw away” several thousands of dollars on a virtual knife, this phenomena is nothing new.

csgo - Major Game Bling: the Most Expensive Skins Ever Sold in CS: GO!

Cost versus Value

If you look past the fact that the purchases are for virtual items that don’t exactly affect the performance of the player, this is something that people have already done before. In the advent of basketball cards and baseball cards, people have offered up ridiculous amounts of money for the chance to add a certain character or player into their personal collection.

For the players of CS: GO, this is not so different. When you love a game, the value of a thing can be appraised with new pairs of eyes. An in-game purchase of a highly expensive item can be seen as completely ridiculous for those who are looking in from the outside.

However, if you view the purchase from the point of view of a gamer and a collector the value you end up obtaining vastly outweighs the cost. The value of a thing is entirely up to the beholder.

Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins in the Market Today

Blog5 - Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins in the Market Today

In the world of Minecraft, the concept of skins can be a little weird. Today, Pro Skins Marketplace will be taking a look at the top 3 weirdest Minecraft skins players can buy. Minecraft was a relatively casual game before its popularity exploded.

Touted as the lovechild of Lego and Elder Scrolls, Minecraft captivated everyone from young kids to adults the world over. It was supposed to be a calming game which combined the elements of building, crafting, and even adventure. In a way, it was highly successful. It was not long until people started to come up with their own modifications and skins.

Here are the top three weirdest ones that went up in the market:

Mob Skins

In the world of Minecraft, the Mob or enemy is a rather characteristic green cube looking thing. When you see it, you are better off running away. If you have the proper weapons, you can try to fight it in order to stay alive.

Players that bought the Mob Skins were players that looked like the resident monster in the field. While the idea might seem innocent enough, in the world of multiplayer, player killing is extremely frowned upon. It is even a bannable offense.

So when players who are not that familiar with the idea of skins end up freaking out when faced with another player that looks exactly like the enemy. They can end up accidentally killing other players and end up with sanctions.

minecraft - Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins in the Market Today

YouTuber “Skins”

A popular option with the younger set of players, this is a ‘skin’ that can also be rather disruptive. There are a lot of YouTube personalities that play the game for their viewers. There are those out there that thing it is a good idea to impersonate these famous people by using the exact same skins and even trying to get their game handle as close to the YouTuber as possible.

This strikes us as weird because when you are playing a game wherein you can create a whole new world for yourself, it’s kind of odd that you would choose to emulate someone else. it would be better to try to find something that appeals to you instead of trying to fake someone else’s character.

The Hoodie Skin

Everyone has their favorite hoodie. This piece of clothing is comfortable and is something that is found in most closets. So it was only a matter of time before it started showing up as a skin option for players. We find it weird because when you are in a game that takes you to a different world, why would you want to bring something from your closet?

Why Are They ‘Weird’?

If you play the game of Minecraft, it is literally just a bunch of blocks which you “mine” or move around in order to craft things. The idea of the skins above is not only outright weird but often disruptive. Skins are supposed to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the game—not just a selected few.

Take a gander at the three skins we listed above. Do you agree with our list? What Minecraft skins would you say are weird and borderline annoying?

Let’s Talk LoL: What Are the Different Sort of Skins Available?

Blog4 - Let’s Talk LoL: What Are the Different Sort of Skins Available?

As one of the more popular online games, League of Legends knows how to keep things interesting. Today, join us as we take a closer look at the different kinds of skins that players can obtain.

League of Legends Skins 101

Before we dive into the discussion about the different types of skins available, it is important that we establish what LoL (League of Legends) skins are! For anyone who is not familiar with the game, it is an area fight wherein two teams fight each other until one team manages to destroy the enemy’s base core.

Various champions can be selected in order to represent the player. These champions have their own styles and abilities. The way that they look can be changed. The way that they look is referred to as a ‘skin’.

Much like other game skins, a champion skin is pretty much an alternate appearance for the hero or champion that you can select in order to play the game. Varying color schemes or full outward appearance of your champion can change when you select a skin. Skins can be purchased by players through Riot Points (RP) which is obtained through real world currency purchase.

Legacy Skins

If you wanted to truly stand out as a player, there are legacy skins. What is interesting about legacy skins is the fact that they are quite rare. They are not usually available for individual purchase. Instead, they are usually part of bundle packs that are a bit more costly on the RP side. What is great about legacy skins is that they are only available for a certain amount of time before they are phased out.

Skins are locked to a particular account and cannot be traded.

lol2 - Let’s Talk LoL: What Are the Different Sort of Skins Available?

Traditional Skins

These are a sort of throwback to the original incarnation of the game. Much like any game, LoL has been through several reworks and improvements. There have been several champions that have been reworked and no longer have their original looks.

Traditional skins allow players to recapture the original forms of the champions as they were initially launched and introduced to the market. What is interesting about traditional skins is that when these were released, not everyone received them. The distinction was that players who had owned the champions before they were reworked had the opportunity to obtain traditional skins.

Holiday Skins

This is something that you can count upon every year. As the seasons change, holidays roll around just like clockwork. Usually in the world of Runterra (the world in the game) will have holidays and the champions may (or may not) feel like dressing up for the different events.

lol1 - Let’s Talk LoL: What Are the Different Sort of Skins Available?

Riot Skins

These are skins that are built around the theme of the mother company: Riot. These are obtained normally through joining online Riot events or even physical events.

The eSports and World Finals Skins

These are the skins that are released to commemorate the epic fights that professional teams showcase during the annual and seasonal tournaments in different parts of the globe.

They Make HOW Much? The Lucrative Career Game Skins Made

Blog3 - They Make HOW Much? The Lucrative Career Game Skins Made

If there are skins in the world, it only follows that there are those that make them! Today, we will be taking a look at the lucrative career that gaming skins has created. In games like Counter Strike, more and more of its players are tapping into gaming skins to set them apart from other players.

There is value held in establishing distinction from everyone else. In the world of economics, if there is a need, there will be a market that will form in order to address that need. See a need fill a need—so to speak. Game developers are also gamers themselves and understand this need.

game2 - They Make HOW Much? The Lucrative Career Game Skins Made

The Rise of the Skins and the Developers

With the market for in-game customizations rising, it was only natural that game developers tried to boost their pre-existing roster of skins. However, the issue was that most game designers were not really prepared or aware of what skins were for and what they contributed to the game.

As such, there were players out there that tried their hand at developing their own skins. Those players went on to share their skins with other players. Naturally, this caused bugs in the system which often messed up the gaming experience. This event made game development companies tackle this issue in two ways:

Ban the modification

As there was significant issue rising from unregistered skins that were yielded from unsecured sources, it was prudent for some games and gaming companies to outright ban modified skins. There were also some concern regarding the security of the game and the accounts of the players. There were instances of hacks being achieved due to embedded coding in the modified skin.

Security breaches can often spell the end for a game and a company. Only huge gaming companies survive breaches to their security and even then they experienced a massive dip in revenue.

game1 - They Make HOW Much? The Lucrative Career Game Skins Made

Embrace the developers

There were some gaming companies that took a different approach to the massive influx of player-made skins in the market. Instead of banning them, they embraced the developers into their fold. Games like Counter Strike realized that in order to quell the tide, it would be smarter to establish set rules for developers.

Community-made skins were permissible only if the passed the strict regulations that the game developers presented. In doing so, this allowed a new breed of skin developers to gain a foothold in the gaming world. These were the developers that would create truly unique and crafty skins that added to the entire gaming experience. What was even better was that the tradeoff as HUGE.

How much do sanctioned skin developers earn?

In 2012, if you made a gun skin for Counter Strike and people liked it (aka paid the fee to apply your skin) you would be paid $40,000 for your troubles. In the year 2017, they are more mum about what the developers earn but it has been estimated at around six figures.

Not bad for doing something that you love, right?

Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

Blog2 - Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

Game skins are often dismissed as frivolous add-ons to games. Today, Pro Skins Marketplace will be taking a look at the supposed ‘true effects’ of game skins. By ‘true effect’ we mean to refer to the input provided to us by our own pool of gamers/writers and some readers that have been in touch.

Many argue about the true value of a skin as most of it is only cosmetic in nature. Today’s discussion will be taking a different angle to a rather interesting concept. Without further delay, here are some of the ‘true effects’ of professional gaming skins:

Bonding and Ownership

Every person who has ever played a game for a long period of time develops a sort of attachment. This is particularly true with fighting games. The Tekken series has made it a regular part of their game to allow players to customize their chosen fighters. This helps to further the ownership of a player over their favorite character.

When there is a certain amount of comfort or bonding reached, performance is said to be better. More players report that it truly feels like they are the ones in the game, achieving the marvelous feats. The “disconnect” between ‘player’ and ‘character’ is muddled for the better. When you are able to feel connected to the character you are using in a game, the more likely you will continue to support the game and its developer.

overlay - Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

Skin Equals Skill

In some games, skins are not bartered with in-game gold or real world currency. Instead, these are earned. The gaming giant Blizzard has changed the way players can get their hands on skins in Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

The former practice was to either purchase it outright or to accumulate in-game resources for it. Now, the more players are online and play the game, the higher their chances of earning skins. Skins are just a few of the things that a player can earn when they level up in the game.

The more skins you have, the more skillful you appear.

Revenue for the Game

When you love a game, you will want it to keep existing, right? Other than purchasing the game at the start, micro transactions are how game companies make money. When game companies build their funds, the better the game gets.

For example, games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone had unique heroes for purchase. As the venture was quite successful, this kept the game going. Now, it is one of the most popular games for streamers. It has also managed to attain an annual tournament.

skin1 - Beyond the Palette Swap: the True Effects of Professional Game Skins

What Effects Do You Experience?

Everyone has their own standard when it comes to gaming and the concept of skins. While there are those that argue that it truly does not affect the game or the performance, this is entirely subjective. What effects have you experienced with your professional skin, dear reader?

Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear other opinions regarding the true effects of professional skins.

What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

Blog1 - What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

The whole idea behind gaming skins is quite simple however there are still others that are not quite familiar with its purpose. Today, we will be discussing what gaming skins are and what purpose they serve.

What is a ‘Skin’?

The first concept of skin was introduced to the world with the early mp3 players on computers. The skin refers to the display or look of the outward appearance of the program. If you have ever used Winamp as a media player, you would be very familiar with the whole concept of a skin.

For the mp3 player, the skin is purely cosmetic in nature. It is all about establishing your presence upon a program that you use. In terms of gaming, the early forms of skin were only about being able to change the color palette of the character that you are using—like changing the hair color. These were rather simple and not as comprehensive.

img1 - What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

While in some games like RPGs (role playing games), there would be armor that the characters could put on to affect the outward appearance, this is not a skin. Armor falls under equipment. Skins were synonymous with the idea of changing the color of your character.

Later on, this changed drastically.

Modern Skins

As graphics and games started to improve in leaps and bounds, the freedom in which players could establish their characters grew exponentially. For example, in MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like League of Legends, skins took on an entirely different meaning.

While there were instances where the color of the entire character was different, skins can now completely change what the character looks like. For example, in Heroes of the Storm the character of Zagara should usually only look like the bug-type alien that she actually is. However, in one of her alternate skins, she looks like a human with a body of a giant scorpion.

Skins have greatly evolved from just switching out a few color options.

img3 - What is the Main Point: An Introduction to Gaming Skins

Beyond Cosmetic

In certain games like League of Legends, certain skins or professional grade skins do more than just alter the appearance of the character. They also change what they say or how they do certain actions. These types of skins often cost more as there is significantly more programming needed to run the skin.

A professional skin helps to set a player apart from all the rest. Not all professional skins can be bought. Some of them need to be earned. This not only sets you apart in appearance but the massive representation that you are good enough to earn a particular skin is something that some gamers really value. More than just for cosmetic value, skins help to establish the personality of the player! More and more professional players are customizing their characters to truly carve out a piece of their representation in this big world of gaming.

Would You Buy One?

Skins are increasingly becoming more complex and eye-catching. There are some that are worth real world money while others can be earned from in-game gold. Regardless of how you obtain a skin, they can really help establish your identity as a player and add to the overall experience of the game.

Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Blog9 - Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Like a majority of online games out there, there are items that are only obtainable through real world currency. However, what if you do not want to drop real world money on a game? In the world of skins and games, value is purely subjective. What can seem a must have for you can be entirely useless to someone else.

So when you think you want to obtain skins for the game you are playing but refuse to spend real world currency for it, it is important to keep these few tips in mind:

Set Your Expectations Low

For some games, the sort of skins that you get from drops or from crates purchased with in-game resources are never as good enough as the premium skins. This is the general truth of games that you must come to terms with.

sk1 - Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Remember, in order for the game that you play to keep on being available, they do need to come up with revenue. Selling premium items or skins for real world currency is often the fastest way for a game to earn. It is still entirely possible for you to earn skins in the game you’re playing without having to pay money but you need to be realistic.

Choose Your Game Wisely

Not all games and gaming companies are the same. While there are the companies like Riot that primarily make use of real world currency in exchange for Riot Points, there are companies like Blizzard that are truly player friendly.

There are games like Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm wherein skins are earned through playing. While there are still some premium skins, around 80% of the skins roster can be obtained through opening crates that you get by leveling up.

Be Prepared to Trade

In the Steam Marketplace, there are those that play Counter Strike: Global Offense that put their things up for trade. This is actually one of the things about CS that you will have a love and hate relationship with.

You have the option to purchase and open crates and have the chance to contain a good skin. For some, however, this might as well be a whirlpool to throw your money in. As you play the game, you will come across items that are unusual or even high in trade value. In order to discern if it is indeed something that you can trade, keep an eye on forums or sites like ours to get a handle on the current state of trade.

sk2 - Want Skins But Don’t Want to Pay? Here are Tips for You

Money can be earned from trades. Certain skins can be earned from trades. As long as you are wise, patient, and savvy, you can get your hands on certain skins eventually.

Skin versus Scam

Be wary! There will be those that will offer you exchanges that are too good to be true. It is important to you arm yourself with the necessary knowhow about the game you are playing. Check to see if trades are legal. Check to see if the person messaging you is legitimate. A little bit of care can go a long way!